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Digna the lawyer

Digna de Bruin: The lawyer in Balance

As a Justice in Balance supporter, promoter and practitioner, Digna de Bruin prefers solutions by mediation for disputes; however, obviously as a lawyer she does not avoid going to Court, if need be.

With 25 years of professional experience Digna is a seasoned lawyer, who knows the world of traditional lawyers exceptionally well. She can effectively negotiate, whilst formulating in a clear manner, contending with sharp arguments and nuances. Doing so with attention for all parties with compassion, thus making a satisfactory solution possible.
She learnt the lawyers’ “trade” in detail during her successful career at the large law office of CMS Derks Star Busmann, where she eventually became a partner.

Reducing the scale

Advocacy on human scale

Working in such a large office as this threatened to make her lose passion for the trade.
Work was mostly based on billable hours, and many of her cases were aimed at endless conventional legal defences, or finding loopholes in the law. Genuine justice seemed to fade into the background.
The reason that Digna started her own practice in 2005.

In her characteristic office in the city of Baarn she works on cases in the field of environmental law, administrative law, complex co-operation contracts, trade disputes, real estate law and contract law in general.
In addition Digna specializes in several other fields, such as the law on trees and supporting the establishment of (small scale) care institutions.

Small scale law practice

Digna’s small scale practice enables her to work with a more `personal touch’ which plays an important role in each case. Digna works for and with people, not with `numbers´.
Besides the traditional skills of a lawyer, such as argumentation and negotiation; empathy (really listening to and commiserating with people), the ability to fully oversee situations, to think out of the box and emotional intelligence are just as important to bring a case to a satisfactory ending. Digna likes to find solutions beyond the often limited extent of the dispute itself.
To Digna the ´person´ in each client, as well as in the opponent, is key.
Compared with traditional advocacy, more ´colours´ can be used as it were in order to reach a good result.

Lawyer as a bridge builder

Lawyers often assume that the aim of judicial agreements is to protect yourself against The Other, that stranger on an arms length distance, who is focused on exploiting you for his or her own benefit.
But one can also anticipate the opposite: the aim of an agreement is to create a bridge between parties; in order to actually accomplish something together, even in case of a conflict. This is a different outlook, therefore calling for a different approach.
Digna prefers this different view and approach, often leading to remarkably positive results.

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