Recht in Balans

Digna the mentor and coach

Digna de Bruin: the mentor or coach in balance

Justice in Balance is the Dutch equivalent of the world wide Integrative Law movement, initiated by J. Kim Wright, author of the bestseller ‘Lawyers as peacemakers, practicing holistic, problem-solving law’. A lawyer practicing law is busy with controversy and sometimes (verbal) hostility. It can be challenging to find a balance between on the one hand successfully practicing law, and on the other hand living up to one’s own values.
Yet this is conceivable. One does not have to play a role to be a good lawyer.
Justice in Balance provides possibilities to still gain satisfaction and inspiration in the judicial trade, to remain ‘whole’ as a human being and in addition offering solid, solution-oriented service to the client. Sometimes it is not about winning, but about finding the best answer for all involved.
Thus Justice in Balance is a human- and solution-oriented approach for solving judicial problems. This is an approach many clients want and need.

About this subject: see Kim Right video below.

Coaching Justice in Balance

Currently Justice in Balance is a relatively new development, not yet widely known.
(After consultation) Digna is prepared to elucidate Justice in Balance. This can be done on an individual level; as a coach or mentor for students, trainees, fellow lawyers, mediators and other professionals in the judicial chain.
Coaching in groups is within the possibilities as well, for instance in the form of a seminar or as team coaching.

Contact Digna in case you are interested in an elucidation about Justice in Balance, or about advise, or coaching in ‘How to put it all into practice’.

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Digna en waardigheid

Als veel anderen begon ik mijn rechtenstudie vanuit idealisme
om een bijdrage te leveren aan het leven van anderen
maar in de praktijk zegevieren regels te vaak over recht.

Gemeenschappelijke belangen

Ik werk vanuit waardigheid voor de cliënt en voor de wederpartij,
niet op gespannen voet met elkaar
maar vanuit respect samenwerken naar een oplossing.
Kijken naar de gemeenschappelijke belangen
en niet denken in termen van winnaars of verliezers.

Overzicht en vertrouwen

Vooral het grote plaatje voor ogen houden,
zoals de werkelijke wensen van de cliënten.
In een omgeving waar mijn cliënt zich veilig voelt en kwetsbaar kan zijn..
Digna de Bruin