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Digna’s coaching, questions and exercises

Digna’s coaching, questions and exercises

By entering the route of a conscious contract one encounters oneself as well as the other party in a totally different way as in normal contract negotiations. Due to Digna’s coaching, questions and exercises I came to understand that a certain cooperation came on the wrong moment – a discovery that never crossed my mind. This wasn’t a pleasant revelation, since mutual expectations were not delivered. But it was an extremely valuable route because it saved us from entering a multi-annual course together, without really checking carefully whether this actually was a good idea.
Digna also coached us towards a respectful closure, whereby everyone could share his disappointment in an honest way, while remaining dignified towards each other.
I am truly thankful for Digna’s work and also as a lawyer and mediator Digna has become a great source of inspiration for me!

Mr. C.R.H. Freeke
Lawyer/MfN register-mediator

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